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Europe’s leading supplier of laser tag equipment

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You’ve got the ideas, you’re researching suppliers but now you’re
What do you need?, What’s live feedback?, What will work in your business? What models do I need? Where do you start!!! ARRGGHH!!

You don’t want to have one of those pushy sales conversation that’s really uncomfortable with someone who is reading from a script who hardly knows about you, especially when you haven’t nailed down what you need yet!
You need someone to help you get clear with what your Battle plan is, what you need and what tools and supplies you need for the job! That’s exactly what we do, we’re in the trenches with you friend!

Welcome to the Battlefield Team…

Team Pointin…

I’m David Pointin – “Field Hero’ here at Battlefield Sports Europe and also “Field Hero” in my own laser tag business in the UK that’s been operating for 15 years! My passion is helping bright motivated entrepreneurs set up their laser tag business, providing their clients with the ultimate live gaming experience but also making sure they operate profitable and successful businesses that allow them to have the job they love and the lifestyle they really want.

Outdoor gaming and adventure kids would love it and not have to be forced
Moving from traditional ways to hi-tech super cool ways – inclusive for everyone. Incorporate

I spent 4 years+ gaining a degree in exercise physiology and business studies and had a passion for inspiring and encouraging kids and adults to get fit and healthy using the outdoors and to experience outdoor adventure activities. Up until that point, outdoor stuff were the usual boring activities that kids didn’t find fun, so my goal was to find something cool they would love and want to do – like laser tag but outdoors, off the consoles and into the fresh air!

We’ve now served over 250,000 customers on our site!!!!!!

Along the way I coined the name “field hero” because it describes exactly what I do - On the field, I have to make sure the experience is awesome for our clients, we create missions and battles that have a storyline, my job is to make that happen on the field for the staff and the clients as well as creating more in game heros. I love creating new interactive games where the players can be anyone they want to be, where their imagination runs wild and memories are made, right there and then and I love that - that is my job! Much like a in films where there are different scenes for the story, I help my clients to find the scenes in their games on their own sites. Theming is super important so I also help my clients choose the right themes for their businesses so they have the greatest chance of success and give practical, actionable advice on how to make this happen in terms of player experience and also making sure customers return time after time. With over 16 years experience, you can count on me to be straight up with you and help you avoid the bad mistakes that are costly, yep, I’ve made them! and skip over to the quick wins that work well so you can actually enjoy the process of making your dreams a reality. To learn more I would recommend taking advantage of the resources on our website, we’ve got loads, we’ve shared loads of tips and pointers which we’ve picked up over the years and I am sure there are some nuggets in there for you that will resonate with where you are right now in your journey. My biggest tip - Get really clear on your mission.
  • Read the info we give you
  • Get clear on your mission to success
  • Map out the Journey
  • Find what is Mission critical & Mission essential
  • implement it - take action.
To unleashing your field Hero….. David

WOW how do I follow Field Hero Dave?????

Well every good Field Hero needs a ‘Mission Control’ - That’s me. Mission control as in the strategic person off the field, not the bossy one! Hi, I am Lisa - “Mission control’ at Battlefield Sports Europe and also Mission control in our own laser tag business Lasergaming in Oxford... oh and I am also David’s wife and a mumma to 3 laser tag mad boys :- So, you’ve looked around at different suppliers and right now you're probably feeling complete overwhelm? Not sure what to do next, where to even start! You feel like the closest to you are watching you and expecting you to make this a success, the pressures on and you don't want to get it wrong and you can’t afford to get it wrong! Friend, we’ve been there, in those same shoes! We feel you! Welcome to the club and the good news is we’ve got your back.  There is way more to a laser tag business than just buying the equipment. You see we’ve been an LASER TAG operator using Battlefield sports (and others) equipment for 16 years, we too had to go through these decisions, we had the same struggles, same worries, same stumbling blocks, same fears. In fact, as your business grows you still have those worries and fears.
I absolutely love marketing, I find it fascinating especially as technology advances as lightning speed.  Besides being a marketeer, my passion is creating things that make the ‘off the field’ part of the business run like clockwork. So the marketing strategy, the getting customers, the keeping customers, the retention of customers, day to day operations, administration, bookings, recruitment etc, anything to do with marketing - that's me. Having marketed for 16 years on 3 of our businesses that are 6 figure businesses, I know what works and what doesn’t and better ways of doing things that make the business more profitable. My passion is helping others whether a solopreneur, entrepreneur, mummapreneur, husband and wife team or company to run a successful profitable laser tag business and implement different strategies to make that happen so they can do a job they like too. Before switching to chief marketeer for our business’s back in 2002, I spent my previous years owning a nursery which had 28 - 2 year olds in it :-) and also before that when I was 17 years old,  I opened my very first business -  owning my own beauty business doing beauty therapist treatments which seems bizarre now to think that was the case, when I am running around our woodland in the rain with 3 boys and a P90! Much like an estate agent helps their clients to showcase the house to get the best buyers, I love helping our clients and laser tag operators to use strategies and tactics to showcase their own businesses to find them their perfect clients and help them keep them.  So much money is left on the table by businesses who don't market to their customers. At mission control we like to share all we know in many different forms, through our ebooks, our video series, our blog, our blueprints, our vital signs, our Q & A sessions so my biggest tip is to learn all you can and then TAKE ACTION - We see so many people who have awesome ideas, they read loads but just don’t take any action, they just day dream, my advice is to find something you'll love doing, start planning, set some goals and take that step to meeting them - I know you won't regret it! To unleashing your inner mission control Lisa

The FUN Extra’s

And in case you're here to find out more about our NON-BIZ LIFE…….. We are a husband and wife team, Live in Oxford UK, we have 3 boys which is way too much boyness in the house!  BTW they are all army mad……Lisa loves Diamonds, pink and glitter so takes any opportunity to glitterfy things including the walls in the office any time she can.  The boys prefer olive green. Lisa was originally a yorkshire lass, moved to oxford when she was a toddler with her parents, David is born and bred in Oxford and is a true Oxfordonian even studying at Oxford. David is a professional skydiver (crazy dude), has jumped in too many countries to mention but the best locations - Dubai & LA, was taught by the head of the Para’s! David loves anything outdoors and adventurous in all weathers and Lisa prefers indoors, the beach and Disneyland. We ski every year and Lisa is like Bridget Jones in the movie but she’s improving! The whole family are apple mad including our 3 year old son who can already master the ipad! Lisa loves her sky box sets -  Scandal, Blacklist, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real housewives of Beverly hills, Criminal minds, four rooms, masterchef and Silicon Valley. David loves anything to do with Army (except dad’s army), house, silicon valley, blacklist and the news. Lisa wanted to be a forensic detective when she was a teenager. David wanted to be a stunt man! Our family motto's - You can be, do and have anything if you put your mind to it! & Family comes first before anything else or anybody else. If it will affect our family in a negative way - we don’t do it. You only get one life so do something you really love and enjoy doing it, make a difference each day, keep your integrity and be true to yourself. We look forward to being a part of your "laser tag" journey  - The Pointin’s

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