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Master controller with Whip Antenna

Master controller with Whip Antenna

The Master Controller is your portable control device that allows the operator efficient and comprehensive control of the game.

The Master Controller comes with a handy strap.

Master Controller Functions
The Master Controller is your portable control device. Any unit can be configured to act as a Controller but it is best to have a dedicated Controller.

* Spawn (via infrared / IR)
* Reload (IR)
* Pause/Resume (IR)
* Kill (IR)
* New Mission (IR)
* Mystery-Class (IR)
* Mystery-RAND (IR)
* Jam Weapon (IR)
* Shoot (IR)
* End (RF)
* Start (RF)
* Interrogate (IR)
* Set Health (IR)
* Set Difficulty (IR)
* Set Game Time
* Set Battle (IR)
* Set Team (IR)
* Set/Chg Weapons (IR)

* Pause/Resume (RF)
* Start/End (RF)
* Clr Stats (RF)
* SETTINGS (via Infrared)
* Target Re-Set
* Set Health/Chg Health
* Set Difficulty
* Set Indoor/Outdoor
* Set Locked/Unlocked
* Set Volume/Chg Volume
* Set/Chg Language
* Set Gun Time
* Set Game Timer
* Set Battle
* Set Team
* Set/Chg Gun
* Set/Chg Class
* Test RF
* Interrogate

* Set Zombie Theme (Normal, Haunted, Apocalypse)
* Rent Zombie (Simple locked Zombie) mode
* Rent Survivor (Simple locked Survivor) mode
* Normal Zombie (Default Zombie settings)
* Normal Survivor (Default Survivor settings)
* Set Zombie HP (Set the hit points for Zombies)
* Zombie SFX On/Off (Controller random Zombie SFX)And all units operate peer to peer utilising the key patented feature of the SATR system.

The Controller is designed to boost your through-put.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the Master Controller please refer to the
User Guide

Product Spec List

  • Weight: 1.4Kg
  • Length: 26cm
  • Sutiable for ages: 5 years+
  • Standard issue colour: Black
  • Made out of: Aluminum
  • Themes: Fun, Military, SciFi & Zombie
  • Scope: N/A
  • Primary role: Referee’s game controller device
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General specs that apply to all items:
    • Patented SATR 3.0 Digital technology installed
    • Each device can be used across all 12 Genres, including all 4 core themes
    • 285 different emulations to choose from with reflective SFX, hit rates, ammo/mag capacity, reload times, Range, Variable Damage,
    • Can be used indoors, outdoors and mobile
    • No central computer, broadband or wireless hubs needed
    • Different difficulty levels
    • Real time instant hit feedback for players
    • In game scoring and player stats on each gun and device for players
    • Change weapons - Each device can be set to emulate different weapon types
    • Integrated red dot scope
    • Recoil simulation and hit feedback via red dot scope
    • Simple lock-out mode
    • Friendly Fire “on” or “off”
    • Voice feedback in 15 different languages and the ability to customise your own
    • Language themes to suit your clients
    • The capacity to run up to 7 groups at the same time without any crossfire
    • Four range settings – indoor, short, medium or long, depending on venue type
    • Wired head sensor with Heavy duty cable so sensors don’t get lost/separated from the gaming gun
    • Long lasting, High powered 4000mAh battery –giving 16 hrs battery life per charge
    • Over 11,000 different sound effects
    • Set all gamers wirelessly
    • Referee controller that starts, pauses, resumes and ends game for all players
    • Anti-cheat technology
    • Plug-in technology for quick repairs
    • Multi team formats
    • fixed damage, Variable damage, bell curve damage
    • 3 colour muzzle flash for great light affects
    • 180 degree gun sensors
    • 360 degree head sensors
    • Waterproof marine grade speakers
    • Dual sided key
    • Heads up LCD Backlight display
    • Inbuilt Spare device role
    • Forward facing barrel sensors to prevent blind firing
    • All gaming guns stamped with an individual serial number
    • Multiple team settings
    • Set all Gamers wirelessly
    • Continuous game play
    • Unlimited players 
    • Scale up when you need to
    • What comes in the Box:

      • Gun or supporting equipment
      • Wired head sensor (on Guns & Actor Boxes
      • Battery included
      • Key
      • Head band - ready to go

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