Marc Lowther – Alf Charity
April 24, 2017

We at Longridge, Adventure Learning Foundation, have been using Battlefield Sports equipment for just over 12 months and the benefits to our users has been both exciting and dramatic.

The Adventure Learning Foundation charity is a leading charity provider in outdoor education and provides activities at Longridge such as kayaking, climbing, high ropes, water activities and educational visits for over 75,000 young people per year including scout groups, schools and other organisations.

When our activity director was searching for a new activity to add to our extensive range, he came across Battlefield Sports equipment and thought Laser Tag would be a constructive addition to the charity and would complement our existing activities.

We knew Laser Tag was popular at other centres similar to ours and given the popularity of the activity, thought it would be an excellent opportunity to add to the range of learning outcomes for our users and young people currently offered by our other activities. We decided to make the investment and buy a 24 Cobra pack with supporting equipment.

Not only are our users experiencing learning outcomes including building confidence and character, participating in physical activity and building leadership and strategy but we are pleased to say it was a good commercial decision. Having run the report yesterday, it concluded that we got our ROI back for the equipment including all the arena design, props and materials etc in 12 months which has given us an exciting opportunity to use this return to invest in our charity and young people further.

I’m most pleased about the outcome of the session for our customers who are using the Battlefield Sports equipment, it is a simple session to run, the customer’s perception of learning is great. They go away from a session and not only have they had a blast but have learned something if they realize it or not!

The Favourite thing about the equipment for us is the “Interactiveness” of it, the sounds effects, the noises, feedback the tasers give you from when you’ve tagged, the feedback when you’ve deactivated and then reactivated, just that interactiveness. We also like that we can give young people some freedom. Some of our other activities obviously require close attention and supervision from our instructors. Laser Tag gives young people a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore. You are able to give young people the responsibility of risk management and awareness to them, which is not something we experience enough of in our current culture. The customers love it when we say, you’ve got 3 arenas go and explore it and use it! and they do and it’s great to see.

We receive really good feedback from our clients who play too – People love the equipment, we get lots of return customers, if we host a birthday party, the guests from that birthday party then re-book their own parties with us because they love it.
We have lots of return business from our groups and laser tag is now becoming part of our programmes for our regular bookings. Our Scout groups and our schools are happy that our laser tag experience has now been incorporated in our programs.

We would definitely recommend David at Battlefield Sports for laser tag equipment, being an outdoor activity provider, I have to say, I was surprised at the robustness of the guns and how well they held up. I was expecting all sorts of major repairs being needed from being used so much and there wasn’t any major repairs. Maintenance wise you can do internally in your organisation, they are simple to fix, you can replace bits easily and David has been great for over the phone technical support and help.

All in all, buying Battlefield Sports equipment has improved the service we offer to our customers and young people.